Narcissus: API as a Service / Backendless Blog

About Narcissus

Narcissus is a proof of concept backend as a service app which lets you create a blog site quicker by managing important blog features like comment and message forms as well as post views and likes.

This demo Svelte site is static and uses Serverless Rust Cloudflare Workers to read and create comments as well as other interactive elements using REST requests, adding spam detection and Captchas without the added hassle of adding spam detection and Captchas. The app is backed by a Supabase PostgreSQL database.


Twin Lens Reflex Camera

30 Oct

TLR or Twin Lens Reflex Cameras have the benefit of you being able to hold the camera at waist level to take a picture and get a more engaging camera angle.

Folding Camera

29 Oct

Folding cameras have the benefits of high resolution negatives but are so much more compact and often have amazing optics